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Ice (3) Ice (18)

A party of seamen from a ship trapped in the Arctic ice witnesses a furious chase – two men on sleds drawn by
teams of huskies, the one in pursuit of the other. They wonder how the men got here, because the nearest
town, Arkangel, is 1000 miles away.

Ice (5) Ice (8)

Apparently both man are intent on killing each other. The one being pursued loses control of his sled, and the
Captain (Roger Bizley) orders his crew to fire on the pursuer.

Ice (10) Ice (11)

The Bosun (Michael Gothard) and the others scare him off, then go to see whether his intended victim is still alive.
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Ice breaks (43) Ice breaks (45)

The Bosun’s last words to his crew - and Michael Gothard's last words on film - are, “Come on, Lads! Look
lively! We’re going home!”
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Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus (3)

King Ferdinand (Tom Selleck) and Queen Isabella (Rachel Ward) receive Cristobal Colon and hear his request for
their support for his plan to reach the Indies by a westerly route.

Christopher Columbus (6) Christopher Columbus (7)

Meanwhile, the Inquisitor’s Spy (Michael Gothard) lurks in the background, taking mental note of what is said.
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“Capital City” was a show about the lives and loves of a group of city bond traders working at fictional company, Shane Longman. It was shown in the UK, The Netherlands, Canada and elsewhere.

From the DVD cover notes:

“Originally broadcast in 1989, “Capital City” was a huge success, giving a realistic insight into the fast-paced life at an international bank. Set in the offices of London-based Shane Longman, the charismatic team of bankers are hired for their blend of style, intelligence and verve. They take risks, and thrive on the pressure of closing the deal.”

Michael Gothard appeared in episode 11: “Twelve Degrees Capricorn”, which was first broadcast in the UK on 5 December 1989.

Michael Gothard’s role in “Twelve Degrees Capricorn.”

“… Sirkka [Joanna Kanska] finds her own ultimately dangerous way of relieving the feelings of frustration she is currently feeling regarding her inability to read the financial market. After a particularly difficult day she unwinds by stopping off at a nearby bar that sells her current favourite tipple, ‘lemon vodka’.

Whilst there she is propositioned by Stefan [Michael Gothard], a Swiss Trade Commission representative and – enjoying what she considers another way of relieving the tedium of her trading existence – she arranges to sleep with him for money.

… however this initial thrill of Sirkka’s one night stand then turns sinister when Stefan locates where she works and continues to phone her.

… she breezes onto the trading floor, attempting to put these dalliances behind her, to the strains of saxophone laced confident incidental music ready for the day ahead. However with cards, flowers and ultimately a personal visit … Stefan initially proves a difficult person to dissuade.”

Full review from series fan, Sarah Tarrant, on TV Gold


£500 £500 (2)

Swiss Trade Commission representative, Stefan (Michael Gothard), watches as Sirkka Nieminen (Joanna Kanska) sits alone in her favourite bar, drinking lemon vodka.

£500 (3) £500 (7)
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Watch clips featuring Michael Gothard as Stefan on Youtube.

IMDB entry
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Zabo arrives (2) Zabo arrives (14)

Actor Michael Zabo (Michael Gothard) arrives at the home of film director Theo Steiner (Elliott Gould).

Zabo arrives (8) Zabo arrives (5)

He graciously greets Rosita (Eva Robin’s – birth name Roberto Coatti), a transsexual, who hopes to be the subject of Steiner’s next film.

Zabo arrives (17) Zabo arrives (18)

Then Zabo sees Theo’s partner, Bella, and greets her too.

When asked what Zabo is doing here, Bella replies that he’s just afraid of being left out of Theo’s next film. In fact, all the guests are just bit part players in the drama being played out between Theo and old friend Clem Da Silva (Tomas Milian.)
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Coroner (9) Coroner

George Lusk (Michael Gothard) first comes to the attention of Chief Insp. Frederick Abberline and Sgt. George Godley at the Coroner’s Court. Lusk is in the company of journalist Benjamin Bates (Jonathan Moore) of The Star, hearing testimony from Dr. Llewellyn (Michael Hughes) about the first of the Whitechapel murders.

Suspects arrive Suspects arrive (2)

Lusk helps stir up the crowd when two of the other suspects, Richard Mansfield and Robert James Lees, appear in public.
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YP YP (3)

When Marigold De La Hunt's friend Stephanie, and private detective Henry Brilliant, come looking for the missing heiress, Strett (Michael Gothard) is expecting them. He thanks them for turning up.

YP (8) YP (7)

Henry (Chris Lemmon) and Stephanie (Nancy Cartwright) are kidnapped, but the villains, Strett and Mrs Van Der Reuter (Elizabeth Spriggs) seem quite genial, chatting about the scenery.
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FFWL (3) FFWL (10)

Sergei (Michael Gothard) waits in the pub, and is pleased to see his new friend Ernie (Joe Melia).

FFWL (18) FFWL (24)

Ernie introduces Sergei to his friends Terry (Dennis Waterman) and Arthur Daley (George Cole). Sergei negotiates the purchase of some merchandise.
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In ‘Lytton’s Diary’, Peter Bowles plays a London gossip columnist, investigating the lives of the rich and powerful.

This episode, 'Daddy’s Girls', was broadcast on 16 January 1985.

Per. DVD talk: "Neville Lytton is now the gossip Diary Editor of The Daily News. He spends the day with his estranged wife, Catherine, and Laura, his girlfriend, is not amused. Meanwhile, on the work front, Lytton aims to find out if a merchant banker who disapproves of his daughter's relationship with a record producer, has something in his past that he is trying to hide."

Michael Gothard plays the record producer - and, as it turns out, drug dealer - Jake Cutler, who is seeing little rich girl Belinda Phillips. However, Lytton ends up investigating Belinda’s father, so Jake very soon disappears from the story.

The episode was directed by Peter Sasdy, who also directed Michael in 'The Sweet Scent of Death', and the two pilot episodes of ‘Arthur of the Britons,’ ('Arthur is Dead' and 'Daughter of the King').

Peter Sasdy said of Michael Gothard: ‘I thought of him as a very interesting actor, with strong personality and in the right part he’d always give a good performance.’

Peter Bowles, creator and star of ‘Lytton’s Diary’, had appeared with Michael as greasy chieftain Hecklar in ‘Rowena’ (‘Arthur of the Britons’ episode).


Lytton's Diary (3) Lytton's Diary (5)

There is a scene where Jake and Belinda attend a society party.
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SSoD SSoD (3)

A sinister figure prowls Ann Denver (Shirley Knight)’s new home, as she arrives with her husband Greg (Dean Stockwell).

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OMiT OMiT (10)

Karl Portillo (Michael Gothard) is not happy with one of his associates, Werner Mueller (Jonathan Coy).
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IT (4) IT (10)

Cedric of Rotherwood (Michael Hordern), his Fool, Wamba (George Innes) and Athelstane (Michael Gothard) are attending a tournament hosted by Prince John.

IT (20) IT (25)

Cedric's ward, Rowena (Lysette Anthony) arrives. A little late, Athelstane rises to greet his betrothed, but she barely notices him, so he goes back to one of his favourite pastimes.
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“Shoestring” was a very popular BBC series about a down-at-heel detective, Eddie Shoestring, played by Trevor Eve.

“The Mayfly Dance” concerns an elusive former band member, Jody Brent. Michael Gothard plays Harry, who was in the same band. He gives Eddie Shoestring an idea of where Jody can be found, so that the truth about a death can be revealed.

Robert Banks Stewart, the producer of “Shoestring”, would have been familiar with Michael’s work, having been one of the writers on “Arthur of the Britons.”

Mayfly Dance (2) Mayfly Dance (8)

Mayfly Dance (10) Mayfly Dance (13)

Mayfly Dance (15) Mayfly Dance (31)

“The Mayfly Dance” episode guide on the Shoestring fansite

General description of “Shoestring” on the Thrilling Detective website

Extract from "The Mayfly Dance", including Michael Gothard’s scene as Harry

IMDB entry
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The scenes in "A Tale of Two Cities", in which Michael Gothard appeared as Gaspard, though set in France,
were filmed in Jersey. According to IMDB this was for reasons of economy.


The street scene was filmed at Elizabeth Castle, in St Aubin's Bay, just off Jersey's south coast.

Elizabeth Castle

The site where the filming took place is marked in red.
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The BBC drama, "A Tale of Two Cities", was based on the Dickens novel, and spanned 8 episodes.

Michael Gothard played a revolutionary named Gaspard. His character featured briefly in part 1, shown 5 October 1980, but had more of a story in part 3, shown 19 October.

The series won a Daytime Emmy: Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series 1981.

IMDB entry

Screencaps from episode 3.

Gaspard kisses his daughter, then sets her down so she can go and play.
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Stopover Pros (2) Stopover Pros (4)

Bodie (Lewis Collins), Doyle (Martin Shaw), and Cowley (Gordon Jackson) escort stowaway Meredith (James Laurenson) from the docks. Kodai (Michael Gothard) makes his escape after taking a shot at them.

Stopover Pros (8) Stopover Pros (10)

Bodie and Doyle quibble over who chases after him first, as Kodai climbs onto a roof.
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WoA (6) WoA (2)

The stranded expedition party is greeted by Atmir.

WoA (8) WoA (9)

He looks upon them with little favour.
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WQ4 (4) WQ4 (3)

Volthan (Michael Gothard) and Boudicca's army wait in the shadows, while Antonius (Manning Wilson) tries to
bolster the spirits of the Romans, in preparation for the onslaught they know is coming.
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vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h58m18s58 vlcsnap-2013-11-14-00h58m21s86

Following Morticcus' departure, Boudicca (Siân Phillips) despairs, but Volthan (Michael Gothard) hasn't lost hope.
He quietly invokes the Horned God, Cernunnos, and asks him to join Morticcus' path with theirs.

WQ3 (1) WQ3 (2)

Meanwhile, Boudicca's daughter Tasca (Patti Love) has been captured by the Romans. Tasca is being questioned
by Catus Decianus (Nigel Hawthorne), who wants to know the size and disposition of Boudicca's forces. Tasca
tells him only that his time is running out.
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WQ2 (6) WQ2 (5)

Boudicca (Sian Phillips) witnesses the destruction the Romans have perpetrated; the Romans have also had her
flogged, and raped her daughters.

WQ2 (8) WQ2 (14)

Volthan (Michael Gothard) tells her that it was for the best, because now she knows the truth – the Romans can
never be placated.
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