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This shows a scene from the Papua New Guinea's Mapuga tribe's "sing-sing" ceremony, during which pigs are slaughtered. Michael looks on, appearing quite uncomfortable.

Cut for animal being killed.
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Lobby card a small

Olivier shows Viviane his feathers.

Lobby card c small

Olivier leads the travellers' vehicle across a river.

Lobby card f small

Before her planned return to civilisation, Viviane decorates the truck.

Lobby card b small

The travellers arrive at the Mapuga Tribe's village, and are greeted warmly.

Lobby card d small

Nearing the end of their journey, they continue on foot.
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On 23 April 1971, "Scream and Scream Again" was released in what was then West Germany, entitled "Die lebenden Leichen des Dr. Mabuse."

Dr Mabuse 1

Dr Mabuse 2

Dr Mabuse 4
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Hansen and Inge small

Hansen (Michael Gothard) with Inge (Madeleine Hinde). They also appeared together in the "Arthur of the Britons" episode, "Daughter of the King."


Hansen has a difference of opinion, and settles it in the usual way.

Last Valley lobby card French

Hansen leads a group of Catholic mercenaries and villagers, to protest about a shrine being moved.

the last valley

This still shows the moment when Hansen realises that his supporters have deserted him, and that he is trapped.

The Last Valley bridge still

The writing on the back of this still indicates that the film was shown at a Gaumont Cinema, in a Spanish-speaking country, where the film was titled "The Sword and the Rose." The still was acquired from someone living in Buenos Aires, so it seems likely that it was used to advertise the film when it was shown in Argentina.


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